Colleague Program

The Nevada Law Foundation’s Board of Trustees created the Colleague Program in an effort to fulfill the Foundation’s goal of providing legal assistance to the poor.

Colleagueship in the Foundation is extended by election of the Board only to those admitted to the State Bar of Nevada who have practiced law or served in the judiciary for more than five years, who have demonstrated their outstanding legal ability, and who are recognized for their devotion to the welfare of their community or the legal profession.

Election to Colleagueship is a single professional honor extended only to the leading lawyers and judges of Nevada. Acceptance of Colleagueship requires individual financial sacrifice, but enables only those making the sacrifice to apply their professional devotion and leadership skills not only to the administration of justice and welfare of the profession, but also to the greater welfare of our society.

Colleagues are limited in number to ten percent (10%) of the total membership of the State Bar of Nevada who are elected to and accept Colleagueship. Colleagueship is accepted by completion of the Notice of Election and a contribution or pledge to the foundation of $2,500 or more. Colleagues, who contribute $5,000 or more, or $10,000 or more, additionally will be recognized and honored as Patrons or Benefactors, respectively.

Categories of Colleagueship:

  • COLLEAGUES: Colleagues of the Foundation are those who meet all of the criteria for Colleagueship and contribute $2,500 or more. Colleagues, who contribute $5,000 or more, or $10,000 or more, will be recognized additionally as Patrons or Benefactors and will receive an appropriate certificate honoring their Colleagueship and contributions.
  • LIFETIME COLLEAGUES: Once an individual has finished his or her original pledge, the Colleague status changes to Lifetime Colleague. As of March 2008, the Foundation has 121 Lifetime Colleagues, and fortunately, this specific category of Colleagues continues to increase. The Foundation encourages Lifetime Colleagues to continue their financial obligations by donating gifts until a specific level has been attained, and they become a Distinguished Colleague.
  • DISTINGUISHED COLLEAGUES: There are three levels of giving as a Distinguished Colleague: Diamond Colleague: $25,000, Platinum Colleague: $15,000, and Gold Colleague: $10,000. There are several ways to become a Distinguished Colleague, including giving a memorial in honor of a family member, friend or colleague who has died; contributing to the Foundation or by paying voluntary Enhanced Colleague dues.
  • HONORARY COLLEAGUES: Honorary Colleagueship in the Foundation is extended by special invitation of the board of trustees only to those members of the profession or judiciary who have attained national or international eminence or who have made unique and extraordinary non-monetary contributions to the profession, the judiciary, the administration of justice, or the rule of law.

The Nevada Law Foundation greatly appreciates Colleague support. It helps make the goals of serving the legally disadvantaged in our state a reality.